Christmas Tree Farms in the United Kingdom

Whether you want to pick a live Christmas tree and have it cut for you, buy a Christmas tree already cut or buy a living tree in a container, this page provides detailed listings of the United Kingdom's Christmas tree farms, shops and markets to buy pre-cut (also called pre-harvested and fresh-cut) trees, in a few cases "cut your own" trees, stands, ornaments and holiday decorations, sleigh rides, hay rides and related winter events and fun. I'm always looking for more to add, so if you encounter any, please email me! So if you have any to add or corrections please let me know! Also help me rate them!

Always call or email the farm or store to confirm their supply, their hours and events. All three can change during the short Christmas season, due to weather and demand! For more tips to make your trip fun and successful, click here!

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And please tell the farmer you visit in the United Kingdom that you found their farm here! To keep this web site free to you, I need support from the farms!

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