Tips forGreat Trip to a Christmas Tree Farm

 There's nothing like going directly to the farm and getting a fresh cut, real Christmas tree or a growing containerised tree. You won't get a tree any fresher and you can pick just the right tree, that's for sure. But there's more to it than that.

Here are some features to look for in the listings to have more fun:

  • Santa's grottos and visits with Father Christmas are almost exclusively available on the weekends.I guess he takes a break from toy-making on the weekends to do some tree inspecting.
  • Refreshments - Many tree farms also have refreshments, Some have very nice tea rooms and sit down restaurants.
  • Walking Trains, Castle or Manor Tours - Farm-based sites often have walking trails; those at historic sites may also have tours of the castle or manor house.
  • Petting zoos and farm animals.Kids will always remember the trip to the farm when they saw the reindeer! Other farms have less exotic animals; so pet the cow, and have a burger on the way home (to teach the kids a lesson life about life) "Yeah, I know you just petted her, now EAT her!" :)
  • Extra greens - Most farms will either sell or provide for free cut branches for greens. Most also sell wreaths, garland and boughs.
  • Miscellaneous - Tree stands are usually sold at the farms. Many farms also sell disposal bags which will help to make clean up after Christmas much easier!
  • Gift shops - Christmas-themed gift shops selling ornaments, stockings and crafts are standard at many farms!

What to bring

  • Pack for a day trip - I always bring snacks, hand towels or disposable wipes and plenty of liquids to drink.
  • Dress in comfortable clothes and hiking boots or old athletic shoes; you want to be comfortable and not worried about staining or tearing your clothes! If the ground is wet, it will really ruin any nice shoe, so wear your beat up old ones! Bring heavy gloves to protect your hands and a jacket or other garment to protect your arms.
  • Don't forget the camera. You may want to capture those memories you're making. But remember you'll be out on the farm and bring a cheap or disposable camera, rather than the expensive one.

Transporting your tree home

  • For your tree and car - bring an old comforter, blanket or bedsheet to lay down in the boot to collect any needles that fall during transit.If the tree will ride on the roof, place a sheet of plastic or an old blanket over the roof of your car to protect the paint and finish.Either way, it will make cleanup fast and easy!
  • Prepare the tree - Get the tree shaken and baled (wrapped) before loading it.
  • Load the tree - Lift the tree and place it on the roof. Get help if the tree is very large.
  • Tie the tree down - Wind the rope or bungee cord all around - over the tree, then under the roof and back over the tree - until the tree is secure. Tie the rope or cord securely. Pull on the tree and make sure it's tightly tied.
  • Drive home safely!
  • Some tree dealers will deliver the tree right to your front door. Some even do internet sales and deliver.

Other tips: